Nationwide average gas price may hit record high on Tuesday

Image by andreas160578 from Pixabay

The temperature is rising again Tueday, and so is the price at the pump.

The national average gas price is expected to hit $4.35 a gallon Tuesday, a new record high, thanks to a price cycle happening in many states.

That’s according to Patrick DeHaan from DeHaan says the million-dollar question right now is whether or not Americans will get out and drive this week during the summer-like weather across most of the country, and boost gasoline demand further.

Prices were hitting $4.99 a gallon Monday across Chicago.


  1. joe, the democrats, and liberals own this. But it’s easier to blame Putin than it is own up to their own mistakes.

  2. Thanks Joe we liked to go places in our motorhome. 5-6 dollars a gallon it’s not moving this summer. So far only one weekend trip is planed we ate going by car and staying in a hotel its cheaper.


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