Heat is rising, tips to stay safe

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As the heat rises, staying hydrated becomes a priority, but the St. Joseph County Department of Health says, there’s more to it.

As heat increases, sweating increases.

That means, it’s important to replace those salts and minerals that are lost.

That can be done with a sports drink.

They also say it’s important to pace yourself when exercising and to limit time outdoors.

Listen to your body, avoid hot meals, and wear sunscreen.​

The temperatures over the next few days may reach over 100 degrees.

Staying safe in the heat is a priority.

The St. Joseph County Department of Public Health says that you should not leave your children or pets in a car, even with a window cracked open.

Cars can heat up quickly, which can lead to heat stroke or death, especially for children. It’s important to know the signs of a heat related illnesses.

If working in the heat, they advise to use a buddy system and monitor how you feel. Confusion and lose of consciousness is a sign of sickness.

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