Man arrested for firing shots during road rage incident

(Photo Supplied/St Joseph County Jail)

A man was arrested for firing shots during a road rage incident.

On September 17, 2021, St Joseph County police were called on reports of road rage.

One of the drivers said that He was driving on a round about, when a car got behind and began to tailgate and honk.

The first driver says he pulled over to let the other driver pass.

ABC57 News reports that the passenger in the second car, Chandler Aponte, leaned out of the window and began to fire shots with his handgun.

The victim says he pulled out his own hand and shot at Aponte.

The victim had a dash cam and filmed the incident.

Aponte is being charged with criminal recklessness.

He is due back in court on July 21.

You can go here for the original story from ABC 57 News.

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