Merrifield Park Pool reopens, new rules in place

Image from ABC57

Merrifield Park Pool reopened, less than a week after around 30 juveniles were involved in fights in and out of the pool complex.

But there’s a greater price to staying cool in the summertime heat as, in an effort to curb future incidents, the pool is only open to people holding season passes.

Prices for youth and adults range from 60 to 100 dollars for the season. A family pass costs as much as $180. Other measures have been taken, as well, including security cameras and personnel, age-related restrictions, ID checks and a bag policy.

Mishawaka Parks and Recreation leaders say they hope to broaden their offerings outside of season pass holders at some point, but until that time, pool-goers can take advantage of the discounted season pass rate and, if needed, a payment plan can be created:

Season Pass Fees (includes the $20 discount):
Youth Resident: $60
Youth Non-Resident: $95
Adult Resident: $65
Adult Non-Resident: $100
Senior Resident: $50
Senior Non-Resident: $85
Family Resident: $120 (Family of 4: 5 visits and the pass pays for itself)
Family Non-Resident: $180 (Family of 4: 8 visits and the pass pays for itself)
*47 days of the pool season remains*


  1. The news could, and perhaps should, report what really happened. I hear so many rumors — Life Guards attacked with high pressure pellet guns ( could this be why bag checks will now be done?) What is tragic is that a group of folks behaving badly, have now ruined the summer for so many kids who will no longer e able to use the pool and the life guards who have been traumatized No one arrested, no one held accountable So so sad

    • We no longer live in a “high trust” society because we’ve imported/created a subculture that simply cannot follow the rules needed to support such a society.

      When people only do the right thing under threat of criminal penalties, there is a HUGE problem maintaining a stable society. That’s where we are now.

  2. Total shame that nothing will come of this other than a hand slap and a few of the known instigators being banned from using any of the park facilities. What happened to accountability for actions. When I was growing up you could be arrested and charged at any age for an assault and/or trespassing. Why not some of these juveniles involved in this commotion?


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