Case of two transgender students on hold in Vigo County

(Photo Supplied/Vigo County Schools)

A tense topic is being put to the side in Vigo County.

The case of two transgender students’ versus the Vigo County School Corporation hit the brakes after both sides agreed to hold the case with a “stay.”

The case centers on whether or not the two transgender students can use the restrooms they believe to be appropriate.

Both legal teams are waiting on a similar ruling involving Martinsville schools.

A judge already implemented a preliminary injunction, allowing the students, who identify as boys, to use the boys’ restrooms and locker-rooms.

A judge ordered a similar injunction in the Martinsville case.


  1. Follow the science!

    XX and XY chromosomes identify if you are male of female of the species. The .008 variances are considered mutations.

    If you “identify” as something other than what biology specifies it is a mental disorder.

    Forcing others to accept your mental disorder as normal is sociopathy.

    • If they couldn’t accept who they are, how can they get mad at us for not accepting who they claim to be?

      They are allowed to play make believe, but they are NOT allowed to force everyone else to play also.


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