More electric school buses are being added to Michigan roads

Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay

Schools in rural Michigan are considering electric school buses.

Seven school districts received state and federal funding three years ago for a pilot program to test the viability of electric school buses, one of the first programs of its kind in the nation. There were a total of 17 buses put on the roads.

In the three years since there have been no other Michigan school districts purchasing the buses. A typical electric bus costs about $375,000 dollars, roughly three times the cost of a diesel bus. But Bridge Michigan reports that, come this October, there could be more than 150 more of them on Michigan roads taking kids to and from school.

The EPA has identified 297 “priority districts” that could qualify for funding up to the full cost of 25 buses and chargers, and applications have begun. One of those is Three Rivers in Michigan’s St. Joseph County, which has had two of the test buses.




  1. “A typical electric bus costs about $375,000 dollars, roughly three times the cost of a diesel bus.”

    This is more great green grift, and nothing more. That $250,000 premium for the electric bus is roughly 2.5 lifetimes worth of diesel for a bus. According to Thomas buses, a 2019 diesel bus will use $100,000 worth of diesel over its 15 year lifespan (adjusted for $5/gal diesel).

    Each one of these buses is a waste of $150000! That’s over $2,500,000 wasted in just this one program!

    • Nice math Charles .
      Let me k ow if I’m wrong, but your citing Thomas seems crazy. 15 years you use for 250,000 would mean a school bus is driving under 4000 miles per
      Go green or go home
      It’s time for the world , China included to pay the piper or great grandkids will have some major challenges
      Not the end of the world, but certainly one shitty place compared
      To our luxury living

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