Elkhart man found guilty of killing man in robbery attempt

(Photo Supplied/Elkhart County Jail)

An Elkhart man is found guilty of shooting and killing another man in a robbery attempt.

It happened on June 19, 2021, when 23-year-old Jordan Wolf and another man were talking in front of South 5th Street House.

The Elkhart Truth reports that’s when 27-year-old Forrest Howard rode past on his bicycle.

Wolf then attacked Howard, throwing him to the ground, shooting him times, and finally driving away.

Wolf was found guilty of the killing on Thursday. He will be sentenced on September 15.


  1. Send him to prison for 100 years
    The let him out in 5 because he was nice in jail .
    If he’s a police officer give him life for doing his job .
    Criminal justice system is screwed up!
    Watch the judges and prosecutors records close


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