Purdue professor offers lawn care advice for fall season

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Cale Bigelow, a turf grass scientist and professor in the Horticulture and Landscape Architecture Department at Purdue University, has some advice for lawn care and what people can do to prepare for the fall season.
Bigelow says selecting the correct grass species is important for a successful lawn.
If a lawn has sustained damage during the summer, adding seed back into thin areas and dry patches can help.
Bigelow recommends using turf-type tall fescue grass seed for cool-season lawns.
He says this type of grass is highly durable and drought resistant, perfect for preparing a lawn for next summer.
When planting new grass, Bigelow says seed-to-soil contact is important.
He recommends gently raking the surface of the lawn to expose the soil to ensure the seed takes root.
Bigelow says feeding lawns two to three times from late August to early November will help prepare them for extreme weather in the future.
He says composting fallen leaves in certain lawns can also be a beneficial practice.

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