Congresswoman Victoria Spartz sends message to Ukraine and members of Congress

(Photo Supplied/Congresswoman Victoria Spartz
From a farm in Indiana to Ukraine, Congresswoman Victoria Spartz sent a message by video Wednesday, that was intended not only to be heard by the people of Ukraine, but also to the people of Congress.
Part of the message for Ukrainian Independence Day, was in Spartz’s native language.
“As the only Ukrainian born member of Congress, I wanted to congratulate all Ukrainians on this Independence Day. You have shown the world what it truly means to defend your freedoms and protect your democracy. The American people stand with you,” said Spartz.
She then geared some of her message toward her colleagues.
“I have spent the months since Putin’s invasion of Ukraine vocalizing my support for my birth country. But with billions of US dollars going to Ukraine, we must demand accountability. Not only for the American taxpayers, but also for the sake of the brave Ukrainians fighting Russian aggression and sacrificing their lives.”
Spartz has been critical of both Congress and the Biden administration, indicating in some interviews that she believes not all of the money being put toward the aid for Ukrainians fighting the Russian invasion is going there.
As far as the administration is concerned, Spartz told WIBC’s Tony Katz last month that she doesn’t trust their motives, saying it’s made up of the same people, who during the Obama administration, allowed Georgia to go back to Russian control.
“Congress must ask the tough questions so we can help critical aid reach the Ukrainian military and help defeat Putin’s aggression. As a member of the House Judiciary Committee, I will continue to demand proper oversight and the need for streamlined logistic processes to improve efficiencies of aid delivery to Ukraine, mitigate risks of sabotage, and provide assurances for American taxpayers,” she said.
She concluded by saying she believes that freeing Ukraine is in the best interest of the American people.​

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