Meijer pharmacies offer updated COVID boosters

COVID vaccines
Image by torstensimon from Pixabay

Meijer pharmacies are now offering updated COVID boosters.

The company announced Thursday that all of their pharmacies in the Midwest are offering the updated shots. Health officials are urging people to receive the new COVID booster, which helps protect against the BA.4 and BA.5 variants — which are highly circulated strains.

A flu shot is also recommended before the holiday season.

The Pfizer-BioNTech booster is available for anyone over the age of 12. The Moderna booster is approved for those 18 and older. Both require a wait of at least two months since your last vaccination. No new booster is available yet for children under 12.


    • On the plus side, it’s predominantly leftists and Democrat sheep who are still getting these shots, so when the death toll inevitably mounts it will only help the rest of us.


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