New mural depicts the best Elkhart has to offer

(Photo supplied/Elkhart County Convention & Visitors Bureau)

A new mural installed at the Elkhart County Visitor Center on Cassopolis Street features the best that Elkhart has to offer.

The mural was painted by Goshen artist Josh Cooper.

It showcases Ellkhart’s love for craft bear, RVs, musical instruments and the county’s beauty.

The state of Indiana created the “IN Indiana” campaign to promote tourism and community pride.

As part of the campaign, the state offered grants to artists to create unique public art that includes the new state identity.


  1. “It showcases Ellkhart’s love for craft bear”

    I love a good craft bear. Extra L’s are also a favorite thing!

    This mural is truly a wonderful use of state taxpayer dollars.

  2. I don’t crave anything in the mural and I’ve lived her my entire lifetime of 7 decades. I don’t drink beer. I hate all the people tooling around in dually pick um up trucks dragging a trailer while pretending to be 18-wheelers. Some even pretend to be driving race cars. The local musical instrument industry is kaput. It is too dangerous to visit the local parks, etc. Our typical drivers are rude and inconsiderate of other drivers.

    I object very strenuously spending any of my tax money on such a piece of “art.”


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