Mishawaka youth sports complex

(Photo Supplied/Pixabay)

A youth sports complex could be coming to Mishawaka.

Resolutions for the project were approved on Tuesday night.

The multi-million dollar facility will be located near Judy Creek and Veterans Parkway.

WNDU reports that it will have 8 indoor basketball courts and 2 turf fields.

It will also host national and global volleyball, basketball, softball, and baseball tournaments.

The project will cost $40 million.

If the project is approved on Monday, construction will start in the spring.


  1. $40,000,000 is 200 homes at the average price of the housing in Mishawaka per the realty sites (ranging from 150-200K so I went with the highest).

    Just to put it in perspective, is this complex REALLY worth that much money? Does it actually add that much value? We are talking about TWO HUNDRED homes, easily a couple neighborhoods worth. FTA, they expect $65 million in revenue, not profit) from the complex. A very small amount of that money would actually stay local, probably not enough to offset the tax dollars. I’d love to see their numbers!

    Part of the reason we have runaway government spending is because nobody puts the dollar signs into perspective.


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