Election procedures in Indiana: What happens when there’s a tie?

From Pixabay / https://pixabay.com/images/search/indiana/

With the number of incredibly close races nationwide, you might be wondering…what happens in Indiana if there’s a tie in an election?

State law is clear on the matter, according to the Indiana Capital Chronicle. A general election tie in a federal, state, or legislative office other than Governor or Lt. Governor, requires a special election to break the tie.

For the Governor and Lt. Governor, a tie vote is resolved at a joint session of the State Senate and State House of Representatives.

In local races, a tie results in written notice of the result being delivered by the clerk to the fiscal body of the affected political subdivision. The fiscal body will elect the nubmer of individuals necessary to fill each of the at-large seats, but an incumbent candidate does not have a vote in that situation.


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