Controversial books stay on library shelves

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After a parent complaint, some controversial books will be staying on the library shelves at St. Joseph Public Schools.

A special review committee was assigned to review the 13 books that the parent said were too sexually explicit or too inappropriate for a student to read.

The books that were challenged included the following:

  • “What Girls are Made of”
  • “Blankets”
  • “Gender Queer”
  • “Freedom Writers Diary”
  • “Slaughterhouse Five”
  • “Tricks”
  • “Crank”
  • “People Kill People”
  • “Lawn Boy”
  • “Sold”
  • “Lucky”
  • “Push”
  • “This Book is Gay”
  • “The Lovely Bones”
  • “Tilt”

The committee consisted of parents, administrators, and teachers.

They found that the books, high quality books for high school students.

ABC 57 News reports that the school will not take the books off the shelves, but they will allow parents to opt their children out and label some books as young adult or adult.

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Charles U Farley November 17, 2022 at 11:36 am

“The committee consisted of parents, administrators, and teachers.”

Great. WHO? If the people classified as parents were related to the administrators and teachers pushing this junk, I’m not sure they count. Where are the minutes from these meetings?

This entire thing smells like a hollow gesture just so the schools can claim that an independent committee “reviewed” the books.


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