Texas lawsuit could impact Michigan’s Prop 3

("Court Gavel - Judge's Gavel - Courtroom" by wp paarz, CC BY-SA 2.0)

A lawsuit in Texas could have an impact on access to the abortion pill in Michigan.

Michigan’s abortion rights constitutional amendment has not taken effect yet, but now a new court challenge in Texas threatens to halt abortions nationwide.

Bridge Michigan reports that Friday, the anti-abortion group Alliance for Defending Freedom filed a suit in Amarillo seeking to overturn the FDA’s 22 year-old approval of two drugs used together to induce abortions. If they win the case, the Trump-appointed judge presiding over the case could halt abortions by medication nationwide, unless the ruling is put on hold or overruled by a higher court.

Michigan’s Proposal 3, enshrining abortion rights in the state constitution, is set to take effect on December 23.




  1. Abortion outside very narrowly defined limits is just legalized murder. No one’s rights can supersede the rights of another. Especially when the rights of the mother are ephemeral. The absolute right to life of the child is pre-emanant. That is how our bodies were designed.

    • You’re the most deranged individual I’ve ever read a comment from. It’s no wonder your name is “slacker”. Prob in your mamas basement, never even met a women or know what intercourse is even about.


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