Todd Rokita files suits against TikTok

(Photo supplied/State Of Indiana)

Todd Rokita filed two suits against TikTok, describing it as a dangerous and frightening threat to innocent Hoosiers.

The cases are the most significant action taken by a state against TikTok yet, and they may establish a precedent for other states and federal agencies to follow.

Rokita’s first suit claims TikTok of misleading children by suggesting it is a kid-friendly app. The suit instead argues that minors are exposed to sexual material, vulgarity, and drug and alcohol usage. According to the second suit, TikTok contains “reams” of very sensitive data and personal information about Indiana residents on the app. The complaint also claims that the firm misleads customers into believing that their data is safe with the Chinese authorities.

“In multiple ways, TikTok represents a clear and present danger to Hoosiers that is hiding in plain sight in their own pockets,” Rokita said in a statement.

TikTok has lately sparked national security concerns, according to FBI Director Christopher Wray. He cautioned that China may use the software to acquire user data and subsequently utilize it for surveillance.

TikTok, according to Attorney General Rokita, owes people the truth about the maturity level of its material and the vulnerability of the data it gathers on users.

Rokita is pursuing TikTok for an emergency injunction and civil penalties.


  1. Anything run by the ChiComs (who are our enemies) should be blocked…cut the cables, cut the ties; we should not be funding our own demise.


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