State treasurer wants to make it easier to fix roads and bridges

You might’ve driven over bridge and said, boy that one was rough. It’s the same thing with a lot of roads in Indiana. The new state treasurer says he wants to make it easier for your county government to borrow money to fix roads and bridges, through the Indiana Bond Bank.
“We see a lot of growth happening in the donut counties and in urban areas. That’s natural. But, we really need to be looking at how we grow our rural areas,” said Indiana Treasurer-elect Daniel Elliott on WISH TV’s All Indiana Politics.
He said county governments should know about the Indiana Bond Bank, which Elliott said is a way to help solve problems by being able to borrow money easy to finance projects.
He said local governments and communities should also be coming up with creative ways to grow the community.
Elliott said he’s also interested in helping local governments protect themselves from hackers, who sometimes are able to hold data hostage and keep the county or city government from accessing it, which is a cybersecurity risk because not only could your data be compromised, but government can be hamstringed until a ransom is paid.
“When you see a county like Posey County, their needs are very different from a county like Hamilton County. But, they still have the need.”
Elliott said it’s important to him to see all counties have some standard security measures to keep from being hacked.
Elliott said he’s also glad Indiana got out of some business dealing recently with Russia. He said dealing with businesses in Russia and Iran is a bad idea.
“The do create problems for stability in the market. They also don’t reflect our values.”
Elliott takes office in January.

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Slacker06 December 13, 2022 at 2:10 pm

Maybe the State Treasurer should pay attention to his real job of managing the States, OUR MONEY, which is his duty. Take all investments away from woke ESG investment firms like Black Rock. We already have officials both elected and appointed that take care of the roads. I cannot lay my finger on any provision in the Indiana State Constitution that give any authority over road building or maintenance to the treasurer.


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