Indiana getting millions from two drugstore companies

(Photo Supplied/CVS)
Indiana will get more than $200 million from two drugstore companies accused of contributing to the opioid epidemic.
Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita stated Monday that the state has negotiated tentative settlements with CVS and Walgreens totaling a total of $219 million. Indiana will get $105 million from CVS, $114 million from Walgreens, and $59.4 million from Walmart, which reached a similar arrangement with the state in November.
The settlements are the result of lawsuits filed by states and local governments alleging that large merchants contributed to the countrywide opioid problem by mishandling opioid painkiller prescriptions. In November, Walgreens and CVS provisionally agreed to pay approximately $5 billion to resolve the cases, while Walmart vowed to pay $3 billion.
All three merchants have consented to a court-ordered injunction ordering them to monitor, record, and exchange information regarding suspicious conduct associated with opioid prescriptions. The money from opioid settlements is likely to be used by states to assist pay for opioid abuse prevention, harm reduction, treatment, and rehabilitation programs.
The majority of Walmart’s payment will be made during the first year. CVS will make payments over a 10-year period, while Walgreens will make payments over a 15-year period.
According to Rokita’s office, payments might begin in the second half of 2023.

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Slacker06 December 13, 2022 at 2:07 pm

FOOLS???? Who do you think will end up paying this fine??? It will be the customers of these two stores, that’s who! Did the pharmacists at these stores write the opioid prescriptions? NADA! With the southern border an open sieve will the drug mules be fined for their evil imports??? Will Dopey King Xo the Chicom Agent in charge and Idiot of Brandonville be charged??? Opioids are controlled. Doctors must write the prescriptions. None of my doctors write paper prescriptions. They either call it in or send it electronically so I cannot tinker with it or forge their signatures or give to someone else. This will only make all my legitimate meds cost more and do NOTHING to stop the OPIOID DEATH EPIDEMIC.

Charles U Farley December 13, 2022 at 4:15 pm

Exactly right! Not to mention that the opioids were approved for sale by the FDA and had been sold legally under VERY tight regulation from our benevolent Federal overlords.

But then, because some dummies abused the products, suddenly it is the fault of the pharmacy? Where is the culpability from the FDA and the Feds?

Also in need of an answer is what will they replace opioids with? They were very effective pain killers. Are there any good alternatives for people who are suffering?


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