Rep. Fred Upton casts last vote in Washington D.C.

("Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.) and Michael Kiley, President of PAi" by iomechallenge, CC BY 2.0)

Congressman Fred Upton has performed his last duty in Washington, D.C.

After serving 40 years in the US House of Representatives, the Republican lawmaker is retiring to his home in St. Joseph — but he intends to keep busy.

Upton cast more than 21 thousand votes in Congress, a record of better than 99.9%. He told WSJM that he missed a few votes a few years ago while he was in the hospital, and a few others while he was visiting troops in Iraq.

Upton says he intends to remain in St. Joseph.




  1. This RINO Republican won’t be missed by the conservative people of Southwestern lower Michigan. He’ll probably find some new job in D.C. ( District of Criminals ) making more money.

  2. Indeed he voted for this $1.7T bill that borrowed money we don’t have on many things we don’t need to do at all. It also doesn’t take care of the important things we do need, like our borders security.
    In Fred’s final kitchen table newsletter, he tells us he’s one of the 10 GOP yes voters, which sent the bill to POTUS for signature. Had they stood with the more principles of the Republican House, then true debate and compromise between the two parties would have happened.
    Fred Upton did note in his newsletter that one thing he wasn’t able to get done is BALANCE BUDGETS. Interesting because that’s the point.

  3. I wonder if he still gets his $2.5M from the omnibus bill for “residential security”… This is the stuff that illegitimate regimes do.


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