Elkhart County closing some drop-off recycling sites due to garbage contamination

(Photo supplied/Elkhart County Indiana)

Elkhart County’s drop-off recycling sites are being contaminated with garbage, leading the county to close some of them.

Previously, there were five of these locations, but it has become too labor-intensive to sort through the trash.

As a result, individual cities may have to collaborate with the county if residents want to continue recycling.

Despite the removal of bins, recyclables are accumulating, and the Elkhart County Landfill manager has noted that it has become too costly for people to misuse the recycling system.


  1. Typical of some lazy individuals that can’t be troubled to do the correct thing and throw their trash in the proper place. Now everyone has to suffer. I personally used to recycle more than I do now. Reason being is that there are less places to take my recycling to. It is not cost efficient for me to drive to a far away place in the county to recycle when it is much easier for me to just throw it in the trash. According to some stories that I have read in the past, that is where alot of recycling ends up anyway.

  2. That’s so disappointing – but I totally understand. We used the recycling center at the Cobblestone Shopping area near Martins. I was amazed at how many people dropped off trash, garbage, furniture, etc. I watched people blatantly toss non-recycling items into the bins. It’s clearly labeled what can and cannot be disposed; yet people continually used it as their garbage drop. I drove through there on 12/29 and couldn’t believe how much garbage was all over the ground outside the bins. Why do people do this?

  3. Too many people dont care. Trash is trash to them, whether its garbage, boxes, plastic or food waste. Some dont even bother to put garbage in trash bags at least. Ive never been the best at recycling, but I try to do my best at separating what I can.

  4. 60% if not more of our weekly trash is recyclable. The ones that remove this resource need to figure out another way . Yes it is so disappointing to see it be abused .with all the shipping and packaging we wrong to think we don’t need to recycle


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