Early-bird registration for Sunburst Races

(Photo Supplied/Sunburst Races)

Early-bird registration is now open for the Sunburst Races.

They include four package options, Half Marathon, 10K run, 5K run, and untimed 5K Fitness Walk.

The early-bird registration includes price cuts for the packages.

Race day is set for June 3.

Anybody interested can sign up here.


  1. Sunburst, 3 strikes and you are out! I won’t be participating this year.
    1. The races no longer end in Notre Dame stadium
    2. The 5k costs $39.00 including the credit card fee. This is the early bird pricing and is only good for a few more days. The cost is up $5.50 from one year ago.
    3. If you want your shirt you either have to pay an additional $20 mailing fee or pick it up Friday night, the day before the race. No shirts will be given out on the morning of the race.


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