Butch Morgan, embattled St. Joseph Co. political figure, dies

("A row of tea candles" by Markus Grossalber, CC BY 2.0)

A former St. Joseph County Democratic political leader has died.

Party officials told The South Bend Tribune Friday that Butch Morgan, a fixture in local and state politics who was convicted after a criminal probe, passed away Thursday night or Friday morning at the age of 73.

Morgan, who led the St. Joseph County Democratic Party, was the subject of an investigation regarding a 2008 scheme to forge petition signatures, and was convicted in 2013 on two counts of felony conspiracy to commit petition fraud, and two counts of felony conspiracy to commit forgery.

He served six months at New Castle Correctional before being released on good behavior.

Morgan had been in hospice care in the week before his death.




  1. Am I supposed to feel bad that a cheating Dem bit the dust? Because I don’t. He was more than willing to commit election fraud and disenfranchise honest citizens, doing irreparable harm in the process, so I’m not finding the ability to care here.


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