Only 1/4 of eligible Michigan high school students are filling out FAFSA paperwork so far


The State of Michigan says there are a number of options to make college more affordable, but too many students aren’t taking the first step to explore them.

An estimated 76% of Michigan students that are headed to a public 4-year university qualify for a new state scholarship. But Bridge Michigan reports many high school students still haven’t filled out the important form that allows them to see how much they can save. Fewer potential students are filling out the FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Numbers last week showed slightly more than 25% of Michigan’s high school seniors had filled out the form that helps determine their eligibility for reduced or free college.

The state’s deadline is May 1, but individual schools can set their own cut-off dates.


  1. FAFSA is just like the minimum wage…colleges just up the cost of tuition to meet what the feds will pay and laugh all the way to the bank. It saves the people nothing but makes them huge federally guaranteed bucks.

    If you want to see tuition go down get the government out of it.

    • Spot on! If you look at lists of historical pricing, and compare that to areas where the government subsidizes, you’ll see a clear correlation between government dollars and cost increases. Education, healthcare, cars all show large price increases over time, but consumer electronics and firearms show a downward trend.

      Government dollars destroy market improvements.


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