South Bend Common Council to discuss resolution calling for reparations

(Alyssa Foster/95.3 MNC)
The South Bend Common Council is expected to discuss whether or not the city should vote on a resolution calling for reparations during their meeting on Monday, Jan. 9.
Councilmember Henry Davis Jr. began developing the resolution last year.
Part of the plan includes a formal apology and asks that money is invested into minority communities.
Davis says that the resolution is not legally binding, but it could promote conversations about healing and repair.
He’s also demanding $60 million dollars from the City of South Bend — but says the call for reparations goes beyond just money, including a reconciliation group to be set up for South Bend.


  1. Um…what?? Reparations and apologies for what exactly? Perhaps the Common Council can share details on who, what, when, and why these are necessary! The certainly are not speaking for the community on this.

  2. You don’t promote “healing and repair” by threatening to take money from people who never owned slaves and give it to people who have only ever been enslaved by themselves.

    This is a typical ploy to buy votes, plain and simple.

  3. What was the population of slaves in South Bend, IN? I don’t recall seeing any plantation ruins anywhere in South Bend or the County, did I miss something?

  4. Hey Henry!… reparations for what exactly? Oh I see, just another ploy to scam taxpayers out of their money and apologize for something they had NOTHING to do with!


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