Rep. Yakym votes to defund Biden’s army of 87,000 additional IRS agents  

(Photo supplied/Rudy For Indiana)
Second District Representative Rudy Yakym voted in favor of “The Family and Small Business Taxpayer Protection Act,” on Monday.
The legislation rescinds new funding for 87,000 additional IRS agents.
“It is fitting that the first order of business for our new Republican House majority is to roll back funding for Joe Biden’s army of 87,000 additional IRS agents,” Yakym stated. “Hoosiers are already hurting from high prices on everything from groceries to their home heating bills. We should be focused on helping them get ahead, not growing the federal government to audit everyday Americans. Today’s vote is the first step in delivering on our Commitment to America and a Congress that goes to work for – not goes against- hardworking Americans.”
Hiring an additional 87,000 IRS agents would have given the I.R.S. more staff than the Pentagon, State Department, Border Patrol, and FBI combined.


  1. Political theater. We don’t have the Senate, or enough votes to override Biden’s veto.

    The best tool the House has for the next 2 years is investigations, and I don’t think the RINOs in charge have the testicular fortitude to do anything productive with that power.


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