LaSalle Park Neighborhood Alliance Association to host public meeting regarding proposed reparations resolution

(Photo supplied/City of South Bend)
The LaSalle Park Neighborhood Alliance Association, Inc. will host a public meeting, Tuesday night, Jan. 31, regarding the proposed reparations resolution.
Residents in that area are watching what happens with the resolution, especially in light of the stall, since the issue was first removed from the city council agenda earlier in the month, and then another council meeting in which the topic was suppose to come up was canceled.
The neighborhood alliance says, for years, residents have called for South Bend to acknowledge harm caused by decades of toxic waste dumping at Beck’s Lake.
They also want affordable housing and neighborhood development; increased jobs and skills-based training; home repair for seniors; and improved city services.
They see the the reparations bill and the $60 million dollars that’s being demanded to help them move closer toward all of that.
The meeting is taking place at 6:30 p.m. at the Charles Black Center.

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Jon Zimney


Thor January 31, 2023 at 6:37 am

My you folks do sure want a lot of free stuff paid for by your neighbors. You should be ashamed.

Were you a slave? No? You don’t deserve reparations. Did anyone you know ever own a slave? No? They don’t deserve to pay “reparations”.

The current use of the word reparations is just another word for government backed theft from one group of people and redistribution to another for imagined slights. They are literally advocating that one group of people work for the benefit of another group of people without pay…they are advocating for government managed slavery. Advocates want to become the new slave owners.

DAVID A KRIEGEL January 31, 2023 at 8:40 am

The enemy needs to divide us to weaken us . This, in my opinion is extremely divisive. One, it raises the expectations of one group they will get something valuable. If they do not get it, then they will be very angry . Second, the folks that do not get it will say, why am I not getting something then bring up the argument : I did not own any slaves!” or ” My relative was killed freeing the slaves and I get nothing?!” Third different proposals in different parts of the country will put even the receivers of $ against one another San Francisco wants to pay millions plus benefits to their citizens if they meet certain residency restrictions. This is MUCH more than proposed in this area Once again ( there is a thing called demotivation theory) folks get even MORE mad at each other. All in all many pitfalls Many politicians will need to make hard decisions and be mad at each other. Very very skillful divisive tactic that will distract and divide the nation

DAVID A KRIEGEL January 31, 2023 at 8:47 am

And YES I do know Blacks have been greatly harmed. The Tulsa Massacre. Rosewood Florida, massacre Emmitt Till, and so many others. In 1962 we really lived in a racist society but it has really turned around. I can remember at age 11 picking up the crudely typed hate messages in our front yard and the two burned crosses My Dad A marine, had sponsored two black families into our neighborhood. ” Friends” shunned us I have a small inkling f what Blacks went through My argument remains that reparation’s will do Much more harm than good both for race relations and our republics health than good

Charles U Farley January 31, 2023 at 4:14 pm

A culture of expecting the government to invest in your neighborhood because private companies won’t invest in your neighborhood is exactly why private companies won’t invest in your neighborhood.


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