Debate over St. Joseph High School mascot name continues

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The future of a high school mascot continues to be debated in South Bend.

The identity of the St. Joseph Indians was the topic of a special school nickname committee last week. The Catholic school has competed under that name for dozens of years, but many are saying it could be time for a change.

The school has been working with the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi during the process, who say they applaud the efforts of the high school to keep an open dialogue with Native Americans, non-natives, and the community at large.

There are hopes that a final recommendation about the nickname can be reached by the end of this school year.


  1. The ridiculous liberal Woke are trying to wipe away all signs of indigenous people in this area. The next thing they’ll be doing is changing the state name because it has Indian in it. I was personally outraged when they covered over the mural paintings on the main building at the University of Notre Dame. Stop erasing our history in this land that was once predominantly occupied by Native American Indians.

  2. When I picture ” Indians” I picture the name in a very positive way Independent, survivors, Brave
    What they endured and survived It seems like a tribute name as a mascot not evil or putting down I just do not understand the woke anguish over the trivial when there is so much real evil to confront, which is ignored

    I agree with the above poster Covering up the Notre dame mural – wow head in sand avoid confrontation from a few non students

  3. Save the Indian mascots in the state of Indiana. Goshen High School a few years ago were forced to get rid of their mascot which was known as, the Goshen Redskins. If we let the lunatic woke win in this country, we don’t have a country we recognize anymore.

    Read up on the story of the University of Notre Dame covers over Indian paintings. The South Bend Tribune had a pretty good article about it online.

    • Exactly! This is the path to obscurity.

      I don’t see how having a sportyball team named after you is offensive anyway. Complain if they name an infectious disease after you, not a mascot!


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