New bill requires requires childcare centers, preschools to test drinking water for lead contamination

("Faucet" by, CC BY 2.0)
A new bill proposed by Carolyn Jackson, D-Hammond, has been unanimously approved by the Indiana State House of Representatives. The bill requires childcare centers, childcare homes, and preschools across the state to test their drinking water for lead contamination. If the test results show a lead concentration higher than 15 parts per billion, the person responsible for the facility or preschool would need to take urgent action to reduce the concentration of lead in the drinking water.
Jackson has been working to identify and remediate lead-tainted water sources in Indiana schools, and believes that it is important to act quickly to protect the health of young children. The bill requires all facilities to test their drinking water for lead at least once before January 1, 2025.
“Lead can come from anywhere,” Jackson said. “Even buildings with newer infrastructure are not necessarily any safer. It is necessary to test all these facilities to find this hazard and have peace of mind.”
Lead exposure can cause severe damage to the brain and nervous system, slowing growth and development, causing learning and behavior problems, issues with hearing and speech, impulsivity, nausea, and other debilitating effects.
Jackson’s proposal was approved 93-0, and she hopes it will be promptly sent to Gov. Eric Holcomb to be signed into law.
“We have the opportunity to find sources of lead and eliminate them before they create lasting impacts. This bill has given the House peace of mind. Now it is time for the Senate to do the same,” she said.


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