WATCH: South Bend Democratic candidates Mayoral primary debate

(Photo supplied/ABC 57)

Violent crime, including the shooting of a security guard in the Wayne Street parking garage were among the many topics up for discussion during last night’s hour-long South Bend Mayoral Democratic candidate’s debate between Councilman and challenger Henry Davis Jr. and incumbent Mayor James Mueller.

The debate took place at I.U. South Bend and aired on ABC 57.

If you missed the debate and you’d like to watch, click below:


  1. Did the presenter ask about the candidates views on driving drunk on the bypass in the wrong direction? Years later I’m still waiting on Henry Davis Jr. to speak on that. I’d love to know why someone who does that should be making decisions for an entire city when those are the decisions he makes for himself?

  2. Any reason pointing out the obvious negative qualities of Henry Davis Jr. isn’t allowed on this site? Seems like a lot of bias going on.


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