Department of Revenue says Indiana gas tax will climb in April

Image by IADE-Michoko from Pixabay
You can expect to be paying a little more for gas in the coming year throughout the state. The tax you pay on a gallon of gasoline will go up again next month.
The state Department of Revenue said Tuesday that the state’s gasoline use tax will climb 0.4 cents to 19 cents-per-gallon starting April 1.
This is the third consecutive month the tax has increased as gas prices have also risen. The gasoline use tax is based on the average price of gasoline in Indiana during the previous month.
April’s tax will still be more than 10-cents lower than the highest gasoline use tax rate, 29.1 cents per gallon set in August of 2022.
Adding the state and federal excise taxes, the total tax on a gallon of gasoline in Indiana next month will be 70.4 cents.


  1. Indiana’s gas tax hike is not the driver of the cost. The left’s War on Energy is the driver of the high costs.

  2. How much will be used to fix the roads? I’m glad that the people that can afford EV’s will not be effected by this increase.

  3. The folks with electric vehicles and hybrids, have to pay a higher price for their license plates. The electric vehicles don’t contribute to the gas road tax.


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