Rep. Banks demanding answers from West Point regarding school’s pronoun play acting

(Photo supplied/Jim Banks)
Third District Congressman Jim Banks is one of at least two lawmakers demanding answers from West Point Academy regarding the school’s role-playing exercise for cadets on “respecting the pronouns people prefer.”
Banks, along with Republican Representative Michael Waltz of Florida, sent a letter to West Point Superintendent Lt. Gen. Steve Gilland.
Banks told Fox News that cadets were forced to participate in preferred pronoun play acting during training time allotted to prevent sexual assault in the military.
He also said the exercise exemplifies how divisive and radical left wing ideologies are creeping into the nation’s service academies and that he, and Waltz, will continue to hold accountable partisan officials who he said are poisoning the military with wokeness.


  1. The communist Chinese and Russian military don’t have political wokeness in their countries. We have a commander-in-chief in the White House, who’s extremely woke ! What would General George Patton think of the modern-day U.S. military ?

    • His career would have been over long ago in the current culture. What with required sensitivity training and all the other BS they have to put up with. The edge at the top of that slippery slope can’t even bee seen anymore, it began with the military moving from Leaders with War Plans to managers with business plans.

  2. The Lefties like to accuse Patriots of destroying our institutions, but in reality they have been the ones destroying them all along.


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