Michigan repeals “right to work” law

Image by Chris Reading from Pixabay

It’s one of the states that has been a stalwart of organized labor for some time, but Michigan has repealed its “right to work” law.

The union-restricting law was passed in 2012 by a Republican-led legislature, and allowed people in unionized workplaces to opt out of paying union dues and fees.

The repeal, signed Friday by Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer, is being called a major victory for organized labor after union membership reached an all-time low in 2022.

Democrats had called the repeal a top priority long before they took control of the full state government this year for the first time in four decades.

Twenty-six states currently have “right to work” laws in place.


  1. I remember went Granholm was Governor, she had SEIU get dues form all the people that taking care of family as a caregiver. I believe that our present governor will do again.

    I was UAW MEMBER for 28yrs I paid my dues when were a rtw state at least the people had a choice. Some union representation is bad, taking away rtw members have no real way to protest against it.

  2. This is about filling Democrat coffers, nothing more. Unions give overwhelmingly to the Party of the Non-Working Man (Democrats) despite the outright harm it does to the union members. Effectively, this repeal makes the workers wage slaves to the union bosses, and thus to the Democrat party.


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