South Bend working to support homeless population

(Photo Supplied/City of South Bend and

South Bend is working to support people who are experiencing homelessness.

The city has finalized two agreement of more than $2.5 million which would expand shelter services.

$1.5 million of the funding will go to Our Lady of the Road to continue Motels4Now operations and security measures. It’s on Lincolnway West.

The city also gave $1 million to the Center for the Homeless to help renovate their location on Michigan Street.

The shelter will be used to accommodate people during the cold-weather months.

The funding is supported by South Bend’s American Rescue Plan distribution.


  1. If anyone needed further proof that the American Rescue Plan was a colossal waste of tax money that wasn’t going to help the economy at all, here it is! $2.5M in tax dollars to pay for people who simply don’t want to deal with the daily grind like the rest of us do. All this is going to do is make the problem worse…

  2. Nothing like free money the Federal Government creates of thin air. Free property tax abatements for wealthy property owners, and now free motel rooms. What does the disappearing working middle class get for free in the Bend City ?


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