Bill to help train teachers how to use handgun advances in Indiana Senate

By AdamHill (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

A bill that would help train teachers how to use a handgun has passed out of a State Senate committee.

The bill authored by State Rep. Jim Lucas of Seymour in the Indiana House, would use state money to fund the training of teachers on how to use a firearm if they want to keep a gun in their classroom.

Lucas said he is not asking teachers to carry in their classroom, but that he wants them to be able to defend themselves in the event they may have to.

Democratic lawmakers opposed the measure.

State law requires teachers to have permission from their school board in order to carry in their classrooms.


  1. Every low-abiding citizen has an absolute right to defend themselves against attack by anyone else. That includes teachers. Yes, carrying at school would carry with it a lot of extra responsibility. But what is the alternative? Criminals do not obey the law. A huge pile of gun laws has not stopped the deranged from inflicting pain on others. It is strange how we trust teachers with our children’s minds but will not also trust them to protect their bodies, if they so choose or for that matter their own bodies. IF they choose not to be armed at school so be it. But I bet they will be very pleased that someone there IS ARMED beside the killers. I will trust a teacher before a bunch of cops standing in the hall armed with rifles but also afraid of a kid armed with a similar rifle. Stories abound (you can find them if you look) of people armed with pistols taking out a madman armed with a rifle bent on mayhem. Remember the Greenwood Mall?


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