Elkhart Community Schools’ Parent Coalition seeks help for support for amendment of anti-bullying bill

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Community members, students, parents and providers are being called to help the Elkhart Community Schools’ Parent Coalition.

They’re looking for support for an amendment of House Bill 1483, an anti-bullying bill that will be voted on Thursday, April 13 by the Senate Education and Career Development Committee.

The bill would include language for tracking both the victim and the child showing bullying and behaviors, as well as corresponding interventions.

The Coalition has been advocating for the safety and welfare of Indiana students since March of last year, but there is currently no documentation or tracking requirements for victims of bullying.

To support the bill, they’re asking the community to contact local legislators, requesting that they support the amendment.


  1. Yeah, what they will do is give a ticket to one or both parties for $250. There isn’t any counseling or mediation. We are a retroactive society! We have never been and never will be a proactive society! In the last 3-4 years it has become so sickening that I can’t believe the way people behave!

  2. The “zero tolerance” policies actually encourage bullying. The bully doesn’t care about consequences, but the victim usually does and they don’t want to suffer the consequences for pushing back against the bully. This only emboldens the bully!


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