Consumer Reports urges Gov. Holcomb to veto Senate Bill 5

(Photo Supplied/Governor Eric Holcomb Twitter)

Consumer Reports is urging Governor Holcomb to veto Senate Bill 5.

It’s a weak consumer data privacy bill that passed the Indiana General Assembly.

The bill includes some basic consumer rights, such as the right to know what information companies have collected about them, the right to delete the information, the right to correct wrong information, and the right to limit some data disclosures.

But those rights have weak definitions of sale and targeted advertising, no universal opt out, and insufficient enforcement mechanisms.

The bill also lets companies deny service or charge extra for those who opt out.

Matt Schwartz, police analyst at Consumer Reports, says Holcomb should veto the bill and instruct the legislature to come back with a stronger effort.


  1. I only know I do not rust consumer reports any more than I trust Dopey Prince Eric, The Chinless Wonder of Hoosierland.


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