Mishawaka mayor discusses traffic stop involving son

(Photo supplied/ABC 57)
The mayor of Mishawaka is discussing a traffic stop involving his son that happened last October.
Mishawaka Mayor Dave Wood tells WSBT TV that he didn’t know about his son’s traffic stop until after the fact, but he says everybody should be treated fairly under the law.
Police don’t believe any criminal laws were broken during the traffic stop.
One police officer did not activate his body camera and was disciplined for it.
Below is the mayor’s official statement:
“I want to thank the community, specifically the Citizens of Mishawaka, for their ongoing support, thoughts, and prayers during this difficult time for my family, the community and myself. My top priority has always been and will remain serving the citizens of Mishawaka with honesty and integrity. It is my privilege to serve as your mayor of Mishawaka and this is a commitment I never take lightly. My expectations are well known, have been communicated often and I want to reiterate here; public safety and law and order are job number one, and everyone should be treated fairly under the law. I did not find out about the traffic stop involving my adult son until after the fact. There is no service provided by local government more vital than public safety. Here in Mishawaka, it’s of utmost importance to me. I continue to have complete confidence in the leadership and officers of the Mishawaka Police Department and their hometown approach to serving the public. Their important work has made Mishawaka a better, safer place for all.”

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Alyssa Foster


DAVID A KRIEGEL April 18, 2023 at 9:01 am

I like Mayor Wood. I have seen his management style very common sense and fair. The Police did him a dis service by NOT arresting his Son. That said, I believe a Police Officer that objected ( lost his job or quit?) If this is true and a good Officer suffered damages then that Officer should be made whole my the Mayor

Roger Rabbit April 18, 2023 at 1:01 pm

These are weasel words and Mishawaka malarkey. How about equal justice under the law instead of privilege based on who you know. How will the next DUI recipient be treated? Will they be able to cite precedence? Anyone that has taken the time to watch the video knows this was an unacceptable outcome that no one else could expect. If Mayor Dave Wood had any personal integrity he would resign his office.


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