House Republicans push against indictment of Trump, place more scrutiny on D.A. Bragg

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House Republicans are pushing back against the indictment of former President Donald Trump. In doing so they have been using the hearings to place more eyes on the credibility of New York’s district attorney Alvin Bragg, who is the one who filed the federal charges against Trump accusing him of campaign finance violations.
Republicans on the committee are accusing the Manhattan district attorney of allowing violent crime to run rampant in New York City. Indiana Congresswoman Victoria Spartz was among them.
“We have a serious problem with our criminal justice system,” Spartz said. “Our government is set up to protect the people’s rights to life, liberty, and property and it’s not doing it!”
Spartz also pointed to Indianapolis as an example of the point she was trying to make.
“The city of Indianapolis has higher murder rates than the city of Chicago and we have a Democrat prosecutor who is not enforcing the laws,” Spartz said outraged. “It’s really strange for me that we try to take protections from law-abiding citizens and believe the criminals are not going to get guns. Is there anything else but gun control.”
Spartz pressed Rebecca Fischer during the hearing. Fischer is the Executive Director of the group New Yorkers Against Gun Violence. Spartz excoriated her for pushing what she believes to be anti-gun policies on city leaders in New York.
“Comprehensive solutions to reducing crime in New York City have actually been incredibly effective,” Fischer said in response. “If I set the record straight, the NYPD’s own data has shown that shootings are down in the first quarter.”
Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan said Bragg is focused on advancing a “radical political agenda” by focusing so much effort on Donald Trump instead of enforcing the law.
Ranking member Jerry Nadler (D) made a similar assertion to Fischer’s in his opening remarks retorting that crime overall in New York is down this year.

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