Gov. Holcomb signs bill making machine gun switches illegal

(Photo Supplied/Governor Eric Holcomb Twitter)
Governor Holcomb has signed a bill making machine gun switches illegal in Indiana.
Police say the switches can convert a semi-auto gun into one that can shoot dozens of bullets within a few seconds.
Supporters of the bill say it also clears up some legal language, making it to where local police don’t need federal prosecutors to press charges in these cases.


  1. A step in the wrong direction. We should be moving back toward “shall not be infringed”, not adding to the systemic erosion of Constitutional rights.

  2. Like this law is going to stop a criminal from having such a switch. Just remember criminals don’t follow laws. Many of crimes in the area we read about are done by people, not the modified firearms. Dangerous criminals that commit first degree murder need to be executed. Indiana still has the death penalty and the state needs to start using it again. If the community sees this method of punishment, it may stop most of these shootings.


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