“Human sexuality” teaching ban bill passes, heads to Holcomb’s desk

(95.3 MNC)
Some people call it the human sexuality bill. Some call it the pronoun bill. You may soon have to call it state law.
At the Indiana Statehouse, it’s called House Bill 1608. In simple English, it’s the bill banning the teachings of what Republicans call “human sexuality” from Pre-Kindergarten through Third Grade; however, teachers wouldn’t be stopped if a student asked a question.
The bill also states that if a student wants to go by a different name or change their preferred pronoun, that has to go through the school and to the parent in a written notice.
Opponents of the bill say not only is this bill hateful towards LGBTQ Hoosiers, but it could also put students, who might have a bad relationship with mom or dad, in danger at home. Opponents also call this bill, and the gender affirming care ban bill, a “slate of hate” from Indiana lawmakers.
It passed the Senate, the House, and now heads to Governor Holcomb.


  1. Cry me a river opponents. If you want to groom your own children to provide entertainment for you and your freak friends that’s fine. It you want to do it to others children you will be stopped. That’s why House Bill 1608 is necessary.

  2. Plato we called them pedophilia perverts and sickos all my life until the woke Left-wing MOB ideologues control over the democratic socialist party
    Now we’re told, u can’t say that….

    • Yeah, how dare he voice an opinion that runs contrary to the narrative! Why, he should be taught a lesson so that he meekly goes along with the idiocy! All dissenting voices must be silenced so that everyone accepts the narrative as “normal”!

      Not pointing out the blatant stupidity of the narrative for the last few decades is why so many people simply cannot see it now. They simply accept the lies as truth, and then attack people that call it out. This all happened in the name of “civility”, and we are well past that at this point…


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