Auto dealer named in odometer tampering lawsuit has license revoked

Agents from the Indiana Secretary of State’s auto dealer license and enforcement division have revoked the license for a LaGrange County auto dealer named in an odometer tampering lawsuit.
Flexible Auto Sales, L.L.C is accused of scamming dozens of Hoosier auto buyers.
A lawsuit filed claims the business, owned, and operated by John Allen of Elkhart, rolled back millions of miles on the odometers.
In addition to revoking the license, a $1,500 fine was also issued for other violations.


  1. So let me see Rolled back MILLIONS of miles which means he sold the cars for a much higher price ( theft by deception) and all he gets is a $ 1500 fine? Crime does pay

  2. What are the people going to get out of this law suit? I am one of the victims and have talked to the Indiana rep who is handling this case.


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