Governor Holcomb signs birth control access bill

(Photo supplied/State of Indiana)

Women in Indiana will be able to obtain birth control without a doctor’s prescription under a bill signed by Governor Eric Holcomb.

It’s a step that lawmakers advanced allowing broader access to contraception months after enacting a statewide abortion ban.

It allows pharmacists, not just doctors, to prescribe some hormonal contraceptives such as the patch or the pill, something supporters say will offer women quicker access.

The new law takes effect July 1.


  1. I disagree with this BILL. Girls/Women need medical testing & screening prior to being put on Birth Control. Presceening for Cancer, by PAP tests, hypertension , and Hormonal Embalances. Estrogen is a leading cause of female cancers, Pharmacists are not qualified to do Female exams as such. Women could have STD’S that would go unreported and the spread of Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Aids could spread like wildfire and create a pandemic. Recend this BILL.


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