Michigan, Illinois rolling in tax revenue from legal marijuana sales

Michigan raked in about $325 million in extra tax revenue last year from the sale of legal pot. Illinois did them better at over $400 million.

The numbers are staggering compared to Indiana’s overall tax revenue, which was outpaced significantly by both the aforementioned states. Growers and dispensary owners in Michigan say that a good portion of their business is Hoosiers coming across the border to indulge.

“We do have a substantial amount of guests that come from Indiana primarily seeking wellness medical benefits we provide here,” said Rick Paniagua, owner of Canavist Wellness in Buchanan, Michigan.

In a nutshell, Indiana is losing out on potential tax revenue that is instead going toward the economies of other states. Matt Sulkowski is from Indiana but said he had to set up his legal marijuana growing operation in Michigan since pot is still illegal in Indiana.

“Fifty-five full-time employees, ranging from front-line employees making $15, $16, $17 dollars an hour, plus benefits, to managers making 6 figures,” he said on WISH-TV describing the atmosphere of working for a grower in Michigan.

“We would love to move our headquarters down to Indiana. It’s where I live. It’s where my family lives. We’d love to open up shop down there once it’s legalized and bring this beautiful market to the state of Indiana.”

However, lawmakers are in the way of that, says State Rep. Kyle Miller (D).

“We’re looking at a potential windfall that could fund our cities, our education system,” Miller said. “All these things that we need to be making investments in. I think that there are plenty of Hoosiers that are currently enjoying cannabis, albeit illegally. To get all those people above board, paying taxes on that, would be a mighty windfall for Indiana.”

Before the legislative session adjourned, he urged Republicans to get behind the push to legalize pot in Indiana, especially if the financial rewards are there for the taking. But, State Sen. Aaron Freeman (R) told WISH-TV that as long as pot remains illegal on the federal level, Indiana will follow federal law.

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H May 3, 2023 at 5:34 pm

Maybe someone could help me? I’m confused I thought that the states overrule the federal government. Maybe I’m wrong? I feel like this line of until it’s legal federally is bs. What do you have is the Old Guard Republicans that refuse to Legalize pot. You have a younger generation of conservatives like me in their 30s that do smoke pot and see it a lot differently isn’t part of the problem with the Republican Party that we fail to reach youth consistently. Btw yes I have a job and a mortgage. My wife suffers from arthritis and has found true help with inflammation and pain using a combination of cbd, rso oil, edibles and flower.

Benny Roseland May 4, 2023 at 9:27 am

I would think if states could just overrule federal law, Texas would have a border wall by now.

Charles U Farley May 4, 2023 at 2:38 pm

I don’t think revenue is a good reason to legalize anything. The state should not be revenue motivated. Should we legalize murder because it costs money to lock murderers up? Of course not. Should we make speed limits 10MPH so we can write big tickets everywhere? Clearly not.

It should be legalized because freedom, and that’s it. The government has no business dictating what people put into their body, no matter if it is red meat, 17oz sodas, or weed.

Thor May 5, 2023 at 7:08 am

Giving government more of our money is never a good thing.


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