Westville prison officer behind bars after smuggling pot into prison


Smuggling pot into a prison: That’s why a prison officer in Westville is behind bars.

Adeja Cunningham is in jail for trying to bring pot to one of the Westville inmates in a bag of Flamin Hot Cheetos.

Court documents say Cunningham and the inmate planned it all out through messages on Instagram.

Investigators also believe there was a sexual relationship between she and the inmate, but she has reportedly denied that.

Cunningham will be in court to face the charges against her in June, and faces a maximum six years in prison.


  1. Cannabis sounds like a good idea to calm the prisoners down. The inmates would less likely want to fight and get into trouble if they are totally relaxed. There might be an increase in the facility food budget due to having the munchies. It’s ridiculous in the year 2023 that Indiana still has laws against cannabis compared to the surrounding states.


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