Indiana lawmakers credited for ‘bold’ investment in economic development

(95.3 MNC)
Indiana lawmakers are being credited by the governor, and others, for their so-called bold investment in economic development following the end of the session.
The adoption of the governor’s agenda bills create a new $500 million deal closing fund, provides additional resources for megadeals over $5 billion, creates a new site acquisition fund for shovel ready development and invests an additional $500 million in the nationally innovative READI program that has already leveraged more than $8.5 billion in quality of place investments throughout the state.
With the new budget, Indiana’s investment in economic development will increase $350 million from 2021 and 2022.


  1. When a politician says “investment” they are saying “your tax dollars”, when they say “opportunity” that are saying “more of your tax dollars”.

    How about you just stop “investing” in more “opportunities” and let us keep more of the money we work for…but it’s just so much fun to spend other peoples money. Just ask FJB.


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