The Wienermobile has a new name

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Oscar Mayer has mustered up the courage to change the name of their iconic Wienermobile.

It first hit the road in 1936, the iconic hot dog on wheels that travels the country driven by men and women known as “hotdoggers.” Now, they’re going to be called “Franfurters,” and will be driving “Frankmobiles.”

The six vehicles are being rebranded to spotlight the Oscar Meyer 100% Beef Franks, which are rolling out a new recipe.

The company hasn’t said if the name change is permanent.

By the way, if you spot the Frankmobile in-person, and your name is Frank, you can get a coupon for a free pack of Franks.


  1. What Woke Wiener came up with that name change ? It will always be the Occar Meyer Wienermobile to most of us. Just like I still call the iconic Chicago skyscraper, the Sears Tower, instead of the Willis Tower. Call me nostalgic with a love for history. 🇺🇲 USA


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