Florida couple arrested linked to comic books stolen from Hall of Heroes Superhero Museum

(Photo supplied/Pinellas County Jail)

A Florida couple have been charged with stealing tortoises and possessing stolen comic books, some which are believed to be connected to a recent burglary at the Hall Of Heros Superhero Museum in Elkhart.

Joshua McCarty-Thomas and his wife, Dashae, were arrested earlier this week.

The tortoises were taken from a zoo in St. Petersburg. Stolen comic books, some which could be linked to the Hall of Heroes heist earlier this year, as well as others taken from Florida comic bookstores, were also found during a search warrant at the couple’s home.

Among the items in question was a copy of Captain America #37 that was identified, in part, by a tear in the paper, as the comic that was stolen from Hall of Heroes, according to the website ICv2.

WSBT reports that Hall of Heroes owner Allen Stewart discovered his stolen comics on Ebay, bought them back, and received them from the couple’s home.


  1. Good work on catching these criminals. How stupid selling something so rare on eBay, and selling it back to the rightfully owner. The time, effort, and traveling to Indiana was unnecessary. The couple committing crime should have done something honest with all their efforts. The problem is most criminals aren’t very smart. The extremely smart criminal doesn’t get caught.


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