‘Tranq’ becoming more present in drugs in Midwest

(Photo Supplied/Pixabay.com)
Authorities have noticed a gradual increase in the prevalence of xylazine, a sedative commonly known as “tranq” in illicit circles. This dangerous substance is being encountered more frequently in the Midwest, often mixed with illicit drugs like fentanyl, cocaine, and heroin.
In 2020, xylazine was identified in approximately 800 drug-related deaths in the United States, predominantly in the Northeast. However, by 2021, it had been detected in over 3,000 fatalities, primarily in the South, according to a report by the Drug Enforcement Administration cited by the Associated Press.
To address this concerning trend, lawmakers in Indiana recently passed legislation that mandates coroners to conduct xylazine testing in all suspected cases of overdose.
A case of overdose involving xylazine was confirmed earlier this year in Kosciusko County, as stated by County Coroner Tyler Huffer, as reported by News Now Warsaw. In total, the county has recorded eight overdose deaths, with xylazine present in one case. Fentanyl was detected in five of these fatal incidents, Huffer added.
Unlike opioids, xylazine cannot be counteracted with Naloxone, making its effects particularly challenging to reverse.
For further details regarding xylazine in Kosciusko County, please refer to the original report by News Now Warsaw.


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