Former AG Hill relying on Conservative record in Governor’s race

(Photo supplied/Curtis Hill for Indiana)
You have plenty of GOP gubernatorial candidates, but none with the proven record of Curtis Hill. That’s the word from the former Indiana attorney general.
In the latest gubernatorial candidate interview on WIBC’s Kendall and Casey program, former Indiana attorney general Curtis Hill says his opponents may have more money, but he has more support and a proven Conservative record.
“We’re running a grassroots campaign,” Hill tells WIBC’s Kendall and Casey show, “no matter how much money we raise, there’s always going to be that gap where somebody can fill that in. So, we don’t focus on the big, big dollars. We focus on the big, big work that it takes to get around the state to deliver a message.”
Hill is running on a campaign of your usual Conservative values: gun rights, anti-abortion, and border security. That last point is one Hill believes everyone should treat with the utmost caution.
“The problem is the federal government isn’t doing their job,” Hill continues, “we have millions and millions and millions of illegals coming into the country, and once they cross that border, they are as good as in Indiana.”
Back to the “proven record” point, Hill says he was one of the only elected officials to publicly oppose Governor Eric Holcomb’s COVID-19 pandemic policies during the first few months of lockdowns. Hill says Governor Holcomb didn’t have the authority to enact a near two-year long emergency order, and that also falls on the Indiana General Assembly.
Hill explains, “the first nine months, okay he didn’t call them back into session. Well, you know what? They didn’t work very hard to get back in session because they were just as happy to have this problem passed along to someone else.”
Hill recently came in second place in a small voter poll in the 6th District, trailing behind Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch.
The former state attorney general says polls are good indicators, but he says the one true poll that matters is the May 7th primary.
Hill, who sees himself as an anti-establishment Republican, believes the true Republican party does not exist at the Statehouse but within the homes of the people.

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Slacker06 February 21, 2024 at 9:41 am

Curtis Hill is EXACTLY who we need to counteract the over reach of government at all levels. He knows the law and is willing to enforce it as written rather than how he wishes it was written. I abandoned Dope Prince Eric the Chinless Wonder of Hoosierville the moment I heard him with a tear in his voice announcing the first Covid death in Indiana. People die every day from various causes. The Covid deaths don;t deserve any more sympathy than the every drive by shooting victime or the elderly person dying from the flu. We will need Hill to counteract the new and improved truck loads of cash the legislature has given tho the health bureaucracy for the next time there is a “pandemic.” There will be massive tyranny when the planned disease-X hits the streets from some foreign laboratory the US Taxpayer is paying for.

Curious February 21, 2024 at 4:58 pm

I would NEVER support Hill and anyone who would is wasting their vote. Braun 2024


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