Rep. Spartz: The free world better get its act together

(Photo Supplied/Congresswoman Victoria Spartz
The free world better get its act together soon. That’s the message from Indiana Republican Congresswoman Victoria Spartz. On Thursday, she spoke in front of the Europe Parliamentary Assembly. That assembly is represented by more than 50 countries.
“Each of you as a leader of a country should really think when you look back ‘What have you done? Where have you been when the free world was falling?’ said Spartz.
Spartz says there needs to be sanctions on Russian oil and countries need to come together and consider confiscating Russian sovereign assets because of the death of Alexei Navalny. Navalny was known as a Russian opposition leader and was a critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Navalny died at the prison in Yamalo-Nenets in Western Siberia after taking a walk and feeling unwell on the morning of February 16.
“Europe is in a major war. The world is in a major war. It’s the world of tyrannies against democracy. China, Russia, and Iran team up in a hybrid war. It’s not just about artillery. It’s a cyber war and a war of propaganda. The West has been wrecked with a lot of talks and no decisive actions. There are stupid energy policies that are making money for aggressors and hurting our citizens,” Spartz continued.
Spartz also said that she’s very concerned about Iran being on the brink of getting nuclear weapons.
“The American people will stand for freedom because they always have, but they are frustrated with talks and stupidity,” said Spartz.
Spartz argues that President Biden and European allies of the US have been too consumed by ‘tough’ talks and foolish energy policies while not taking enough action.
Spartz represents Indiana’s fifth congressional district. That comprises Hamilton, Madison, Delaware, Grant, and Tipton counties, as well as the large majority of Howard County.
One of her passions has been being a voice for Ukraine as they continue to battle Russia in a war. Spartz is the first Ukrainian-born female member of Congress and the first member born in a former Soviet Republic.​

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Slacker06 February 25, 2024 at 4:10 pm

We had better listen to Rep Spartz. She has lived the horrors we are heading towards.

DrScottD February 26, 2024 at 10:22 am

Here’s a disagreement to Congress and the other people in the DC Cesspool.
You have spent our nation’s resources on vote buying, donations getting, political payback, and military industrial complex without any regard to what generations to follow.
You have stood by and told by millions of America Citizens who love God, Family, and Country, stop digging the giant holes of debts to the American people. Did you do this? No, instead you pile it into the biggest ponzie scheme in history of the world. Why?
In 1994 and 1996, the Contract with America got your attention and 1 time after 6 government shutdowns, massive cutbacks in bloated federal government, and more, you finally got a balance Budget. Once and only once.
So here’s the deal for everyone in America that is paying attention. These people are pushing us to their beliefs of the globalist goal of their total resetting of the world’s economy. It’s already begun and they know it.
BRICS is growing fast and being launched, used, and making the American sanctions and dollars a worthless product. Don’t believe me. Look for yourself. They don’t need America to trade in digital gold currency for their business or their government. It’s already in place and we’re the stooges of our own government.
Pay attention because it’s been coming for decades.

Jeff Reed February 26, 2024 at 12:44 pm

She had better convince her fellow Republicans to support Ukraine, as the Democrats and Biden have tried to do.


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